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Homeowners Insurance

Residential Liability Insurance

The liability portion of your policy is designed to cover medical expenses, legal costs and court judgments that are levied against you after an accident involving guests, contractors and other invited individuals. Brazos Insurance will look at your potential areas of liability and will provide you with recommendations for reducing your risks and ensuring adequate coverage for your home and property in Houston and Sugar Land.

Some of the most common risk factors associated with residential liability claims are the presence of dangerous animals, swimming pools, trampolines and damaged or uneven sidewalks. Making sure that these risks are minimized by installing fences and locked gates and making necessary repairs to your property will help you to reduce the risk of injuries and liability claims. This will help you manage your financial situation to ensure the greatest stability for yourself and your family.

Property Insurance

Along with liability insurance, Brazos Insurance will also provide homeowners’ insurance options for your Houston and Sugar Land home. We can create an insurance package that includes protection from fire, theft and damage caused by serious storms in our area. Your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover your dwelling, your outbuildings and your personal property. Additional coverage for loss of use, replacement-cost insurance and flood insurance typically requires an increase in your insurance premiums. Our team will work with you to make sure your deductible is in line with what you can afford and to ensure that your homeowners’ insurance is affordable and protecting you as much as possible. Brazos Insurance is committed to helping you find the right homeowners’ insurance for your needs.

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